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Accelerating Progress, Digitally

By Franco John, Anvis Digital

01 January 2016

India is moving towards the phase of Digital development. The “Digital India” initiative is aiming to get an array of revolutionary experiences for masses across digital platforms. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has envisioned this spectacular initiative for India, globally. His vigilant goal to strive for a digitally equipped India is already attaining glorious success. This campaign also aims in achieving a huge boost to the Indian economy, helping it built further. From an economic perspective the growth of minor and major business on the digital platforms will ultimately win brownie points for the Indian economy. A good governance to this initiative with a synchronized and a corporate approach will eventually result in a good outcome. This campaign has been an engine of growth and acted as a success tool. As per research an investment of 120 crores has been successfully attained in a single year since the inception of this program.

Digital India campaign consists of 3 major key ingenuities.

  • This acts as a great utility for every citizen to benefit from digital infrastructure
  • The Digital India campaign accomplishes the mandate to governance and services
  • Digital India campaign aims to spread awareness for every individual along with digital empowerment

All these 3 aspects are of a great significance for digitally acclaimed India. The main objective of pioneering such a phenomenal initiative is with a belief that India is proceeding towards the path of expansion. The growth in network availability and mobile connectivity in the major part of the country, is one of the driving forces for the success of this campaign. Such an initiative is an encouragement for all the Indian entrepreneurs to make their business accessible on internet, regardless of being small or large scale. The public service forums on the internet are also accessible without any hustle after the launch of Digital India campaign for citizens to voice their opinion.

The next generation of technology has also been introduced such as the “E-education” facility for the growing generation to avail better learning opportunities in this competitive world. With the active involvement of the government & citizens alike, this dream of being a digitally acclaimed country is already accelerated & seeing revolutionary changes in the country’s digital landscape.

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